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A.A. Cooper: Reinventing the Wheel (Paperback)

A.A. Cooper: Reinventing the Wheel Cover Image
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"Augstin Augustine Cooper stared at the blood covering his palm. Could it really be his? He looked down to find a hole the size of a silver dollar ripped right through the leather of his only pair of shoes. There had been those men, the clay chips, a bottle of whiskey."

With a fifth grade education and a bucket of enthusiasm, 17 year-old AA Cooper boarded a steamboat for Pig's Eye, Minnesota in 1846. He would be a lumberjack. His big dream turned to mud, however, when a doctor in Dubuque confirmed the bad news - he could lose his foot. Near starvation, religious intolerance, the Panic of 1857, six catastrophic fires, a son in cahoots with Al Capone, and too many daughters who married against his will - to say nothing of his fragile partnership with Henry Ford. Cooper survived it all to become Iowa's legendary Wagon King.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780998050508
Publisher: River City Press
Publication Date: February 16th, 2017
Pages: 164